Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day

Have a great weekend. Remember that trash pickup is a day later this coming week.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Missing Cat

One of our neighbors is missing her pet cat. Contact us if you have any information.

MISSING ORANGE TABBY CAT. (since Monday, August 26th).   

Please keep an eye out for him.
Check your backyard. Your home – he may have come inside your house or got into something inadvertently and got stuck. He is very friendly but a bit skittish.  Noises make him jump.

Julius is microchipped and maybe wearing a silver collar with a fish tag on it. Orange Tabby, Male, neutered and slim.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Development at 2300 South Street

In the on-going discussions about the development of 2300 South Street, Jason Nusbaum and the architects from Plumbob presented their revised design for the space at the open SOSNA Zoning Meeting last Wednesday. NakedPhilly attended the meeting and has an interesting commentary on what happened and their opinion on the proposal. You can read it here.

The Philadelphia Real Estate blog also attended the meeting and published an article on the topic, seeming to imply that the project is going to move ahead: "No" turns to "Go". Read it here.

New South Street Neighbor

Welcome to one of our newest neighbors on South Street! 

Let's hope her readings are better than her spelling.

The Igloo and the Leukemia ad Lymphoma Society

This Friday, August 23rd from 6pm-7pm, the Igloo will be donating 50% of its profits to the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!! Please come by and show your support for a fantastic cause. For more information on the LLS click here.

Movie Night at the Triangle

PS -- bring your own lawn chairs and don't forget to thank the Igloo and Grace Tavern!

South Street West Civic Association and 2300 South Street

The South Street West Civic Association is planning to meet with developer Jason Nusbaum to discuss the proposed development of 2300 South Street. Current plan is for the erection of a five-story mixed-use structure with commercial on the ground floor and 21 apartments upstairs.

The meeting will be held Monday, August 26, at 7 PM at Trinity Church (22nd & Spruce). The entrance to the church is at a side gate just west of the main chapel door. The meeting will be in The French Room instead of the chapel; go through the gate, in through the glass doors and make a right turn (unless you want to sing instead). The developer will post his revised plans on the door prior to the meeting.

Monday, August 19, 2013

SOSNA Zoning Committee Meeting

SOSNA's zoning committee will meet Wednesday, August 21, at 6:30 at the St. Charles Senior Community Center, 1941 Christian Street.

On the agenda of interest to our neighborhood are:
    • 2300 South Street: 2nd Presentation - Erection of a five-story mixed-use structure with commercial on the ground floor and 21 apartments upstairs.
    • 613 South 24th Street: Erection of a four-story mixed-use structure with a commercial space on the ground floor and 18 apartments above.
      Note that the 613 South 24th Street proposal abuts the plans for the south end of the block where the triangle parking lot is now and a four story building is planned.

      More details here.

      Thursday, August 15, 2013

      Tastebuds Market and Catering Closing

      Just got word that Tastebuds Market and Catering at 24th and Lombard is closing. Jean says:

      "I just called Tastebuds and spoke to Ruth, the owner.  She says yes no more sandwiches.  A coffee shop is moving in, Ruth sold the building.  She is moving on to catering and collaboration on a cookbook.  They are having a goodbye party tonight for the neighborhood, so drop in!"

      Get Jazzed This Friday

      More info here.

      Rita's Water Ice Is Now Open

      According to their web site, Rita's Water Ice at 2124 South Street is now open for business! Passed by it Thursday night and they were hosting a private party. Lots of smiling faces.

      Check out their web site here. Visit their Facebook page here.

      Monday, August 12, 2013

      Jazz Concert at the Triangle

      Join SOSNA's Grays Ferry Avenue Triangles Committee this Friday, August 16th, for another Jazz Concert featuring the Dreaming Tree Trio. They'll be playing in front of the Igloo at the Catharine Thorn Park where South Street, 23rd Street and Grays Ferry Avenue meet.

      From 6pm to 8pm.

      SOSNA Zoning Committee Meeting

      August is a busy month for the SOSNA Zoning Committee. They're meeting twice -- August 14 and August 21 -- with a number of items of interest to our Town Watch area.

      The agenda for the 14th includes:
      • Rita's Water Ice at 2124 South Street, applying for a projecting sign.
      • A submission to legalize a ground floor office at 605 South 20th Street (see picture below). 
      Meeting starts at 7:00 at the SOSNA office, 1901 Christian Street. Full agenda here.

      The agenda for the 21st includes:
      • Second presentation of 2300 South Street: the erection of a five-story mixed-use structure with commercial on the ground floor and 21 apartments upstairs.
      • 613 South 24th Street: the erection of a four-story mixed-use structure with commercial on the ground floor and 35 dwelling units upstairs.
      This meeting starts at 6:30 at 1941 Christian Street, St. Charles Senior Community Center. Full agenda for this meeting here.

      605 South 20th Street

      Friday, August 9, 2013

      More on L2

      I mentioned a few days ago that L2 was closing. There's more information about it and its history on the NakedPhilly web site here.

      Friday, August 2, 2013

      Monthly Triangle Clean-up

      Come meet neighbors and help beautify the area! Join us on Sunday, August 4th, at 10:00am, as the SOSNA Grays Ferry Triangles Project and the South Square Town Watch does its monthly clean-up of the Catharine Thorn Park, where 23rd and South and Grays Ferry meet.

      Help two local Philadelphia Public Schools with School Supplies Donation

      From Carolyn:

      August 1, 2013

      Dear Friends,

      Many of you may already be aware that the Philadelphia School District is strapped for money. What this has meant for the public schools is very deep cuts on everything including no secretaries in any school, schools closing and no money to purchase much needed supplies for the students. 

      My office had a clean-up day last week and the office collected unused office supplies (i.e. binders, pens, file folders) and donated to a couple local public schools. Chester Arthur and E.M. Stanton Elementary Schools were thrilled. They told me that binders are too expense so they were not purchasing them. 

      In addition, I made an personal gift of $50.00 worth of school supplies. For $50.00 I was able to purchase 20 notebooks, 4 hand sanitizers, 48 pencils, a multi-pack of post-it notes, 20 elmer glue sticks, tissues and wet wipes. All these things are much needed supplies. (Staples is having a back to school sale. The notebooks were 50 cent each!)

      I would like to encourage everyone to help our local public schools, help the children be able to have the supplies they need.

      These children are our future. They deserve to have what many may just take for granted – a pen, a pencil, a notebook. Both schools have a wishlist, but they will also take monetary donations or gift cards.

      E.M. Stanton has created a wish list for school supplies on amazon.

      Chester Arthur has two wish list on Amazon:

      You can either purchase directly from Amazon or purchase from other places. I know that right now Staples has many things at slightly better prices like the notebooks for a limited time.

      To learn more about these schools:

      E.M Stanton

      Chester Arthur

      In addition, I was told copier paper is a much needed item which is not on either wish list.

      If you would like to purchase supplies from other sources, you are welcome to deliver them to me and indicate which school they should go to. 

      L2 Closing?

      I've heard that L2 is closing on Saturday, August 3rd. According to Julie, "I briefly spoke to Nate, owner, and he basically said he is taking a “vacation”."

      Anybody have any more information about this?

      2300 South Street

      This note from the South Street West Civic Association:


      South Street West Civic Association plans to meet next Monday [August 5th] at 7PM [at Trinity Church, 22nd and Spruce]. Our goal at this meeting is to get input, both positive and negative, about the developer’s plans for this site. We will let Mr. Nussbaum present the plans again, so those of you who did not make the joint meeting with SOSNA a few weeks ago can see them. Then we will identify positive elements, issues and concerns. In particular, we want the input of those who live closest to the property. Based on the meeting a couple weeks ago, we expect we will put together a small, representative working group of neighbors to try to work out any differences. Ideally, that will include both residential and retail neighbors who can speak on behalf of their peers. A revised plan will be brought back to the larger group.

      Roughly, the plans are to raze the existing structure, and erect a 5 story building with a commercial first floor and 4 stories of apartments above. There is no planned parking. The zoning refusal is for height (58 versus 38 feet allowed), number of units (20 or more versus 12-14 allowed) and lack of open space (rear yard depth too narrow). Some possible setbacks for the 5th floor were presented to SOSNA.

      Mr. Nussbaum would welcome anyone willing to contact him directly to do so. His e-mail is listed above.

      It is important that you sign the petitions at the meeting – that you approve, oppose or are neutral about the proposed project. Petitions will be circulated after the developer presents and attendees have a chance to ask questions. If you can not attend, please e-mail me with your name and address along with any feedback or specific issues so I can include your input. We will use the signatures (and e-mails) to send correspondence to the ZBA, City Planning and our City Council Representative. In particular, I urge those of you living within two blocks to attend. Please bring your neighbors with you.

      Also, it will be important that you attend the zoning hearing if you have a strong opinion – the zoning board pays most attention to those who take the time to attend whether for or against.

      SOSNA Stuff

      Lots of good stuff from the latest SOSNA newsletter.

      - Saturday, August 3rd from 10 am to 12 pm: Bike Registration
      Register you bicycle with the 17th Police District at Catharine Park (22nd and Catharine Street). More info here.

      - Tuesday, August 6th from 6-8 pm at Julian Abele Park: National Night Out
      The Safety Committee will be giving out FREE CFL light bulbs for your stoop light, the Friends of Chester Arthur will host a dunk tank fundraiser, St. Charles Borromeo Church will be handing out soft pretzels, and a hot dog food truck will be at the event. In addition, the Friends of Julian Abele Park will provide lawn games and the South of South Town Watch will host a neighborhood group patrol at 8pm. More info here.

      - Thursday, August 15th, 7 pm deadline: SOSNA Streetscape Contest
      The SOSNA Streetscape Contest recognizes neighbors who beautify our community by planting and tending greenery on the front of their homes or businesses. More info here.

      - Support Chester Arthur and E.M. Stanton schools: donate $5 for widow decals showing your support. Available at the SOSNA office. Visit Friends of Chester Arthur here and E.M. Stanton's Facebook page here.

      Town Watch National Night Out

      A note from Jean:

      Town Watch Integrated Services (TWIS) holds a reach-out event each Summer called National Night Out, complete with a kick-off rally which has some food and kids play games and get balloons. The night out is a take-back-your-streets idea. Some neighborhoods have block parties. Some have outside get-togethers.

      SSTW has not participated in the kick-off rally in years past, but sometimes we do organize ourselves into casual get-togethers; usually involving a modest amount of beer brought and served on one or more members' steps. The idea is to enjoy being out-of-doors in the city, combined with pleasant social interaction.

      If anyone would like to loosely organize something of this nature, like "I will be home and outside on my steps from around 7:30 to 9:00. I may have beer.", feel free and I will send out a notice.

      Thursday, August 1, 2013

      City Zoning Board Meetings for August

      The following items are on the agenda for the City Zoning Board Meetings in August:

      August 7: 2033 Kater St
      Permit for the erection of an addition with rear juliet balcony railing (no deck) to an existing attached single family dwelling.

      August 14: 605 South 20th St
      Permit for a business and professional office on the first floor in the same building with a single family dwelling above.

      You can view the L&I Appeals Calendar here.