Safety Tips

- Never leave valuables visible in your car not even small change. The most frequent crime in our area is thefts from cars.

- Keep your house doors and back gates locked day and night.

- Leave your outside lights (front and back) on all night. Local hardware stores carry light-sensor inserts that will automatically switch your light on and off. This is a safety feature if you go away and a cost-saver when you are home. Energy cost can be reduced further by buying an energy-efficient bulb.

- Talk to your neighbors. There's no better way to create community safety than by knowing your neighbors.

- If you see something that looks suspicious, report it to the police immediately at 911. Your hunch is probably right.

- Be aware of your surroundings when walking alone or at night.

- If you're being held up, throw your wallet or purse away from you and run. Muggers will probably go for your belongings before they go for you.

- Be on guard at bus stops. Another passenger may be somebody waiting for an opportunity to rob you as you're getting on the bus.