Friday, August 2, 2013

2300 South Street

This note from the South Street West Civic Association:


South Street West Civic Association plans to meet next Monday [August 5th] at 7PM [at Trinity Church, 22nd and Spruce]. Our goal at this meeting is to get input, both positive and negative, about the developer’s plans for this site. We will let Mr. Nussbaum present the plans again, so those of you who did not make the joint meeting with SOSNA a few weeks ago can see them. Then we will identify positive elements, issues and concerns. In particular, we want the input of those who live closest to the property. Based on the meeting a couple weeks ago, we expect we will put together a small, representative working group of neighbors to try to work out any differences. Ideally, that will include both residential and retail neighbors who can speak on behalf of their peers. A revised plan will be brought back to the larger group.

Roughly, the plans are to raze the existing structure, and erect a 5 story building with a commercial first floor and 4 stories of apartments above. There is no planned parking. The zoning refusal is for height (58 versus 38 feet allowed), number of units (20 or more versus 12-14 allowed) and lack of open space (rear yard depth too narrow). Some possible setbacks for the 5th floor were presented to SOSNA.

Mr. Nussbaum would welcome anyone willing to contact him directly to do so. His e-mail is listed above.

It is important that you sign the petitions at the meeting – that you approve, oppose or are neutral about the proposed project. Petitions will be circulated after the developer presents and attendees have a chance to ask questions. If you can not attend, please e-mail me with your name and address along with any feedback or specific issues so I can include your input. We will use the signatures (and e-mails) to send correspondence to the ZBA, City Planning and our City Council Representative. In particular, I urge those of you living within two blocks to attend. Please bring your neighbors with you.

Also, it will be important that you attend the zoning hearing if you have a strong opinion – the zoning board pays most attention to those who take the time to attend whether for or against.

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