Thursday, July 31, 2014

SOSNA News Letter

Tonight at the Triangles: Councilman Johnson Giving Away Free Blue Recycling Bins, 6-8 PM

Dear neighbors:
Every Thursday this summer we've been hosting a food truck and live music at the Triangles (23rd and South Street).  Joining tonight's festivities from 6-8 PM will be Councilman Kenyatta Johnson as he gives away over 100 free blue recycling bins.  Pick one up for yourself or your neighbor.  Details here. Tonight's music is provided by Mazel Tov Cocktail and food is from Samosa Deb!
We're back at the Triangles on Tuesday August 5th for Light Up the Night BBQ - a celebration of National Night Out! Details here.
Lastly, the SOSNA office will be closed for much of August (Aug 4-25) as we transition to a new Programs Coordinator, Abby Rambo.  Abby will be coming on board August 25th! Until then, though the office will be closed during the day, regular committee meetings will be occuring as listed on the SOSNA Events Calendar. Stop by after the 25th and welcome Abby to the neighborhood!
The SOSNA Safety Committee is thrilled to announce the fourth annual Light Up the Night event
on Tuesday, August 5th.
From CHOP . . .
Dear Neighbor,
Planning is underway for site preparation and demolition of 700 Schuylkill Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19104.
We are committed to keeping our neighbors fully informed throughout this process. To that end, the following actions
will be taking place:
  • A team of 6-10 individuals from Brandenburg Contractors will be on-site for the first phase of demolition activities.
  • The contractors will park only on the worksite.
  • Contractor structures will be built and placed on the property (i.e. decontamination trailer, similar to shipping container).
  • Construction equipment on-site will consist of: man lifts to access building perimeter, bobcats, and a potential crane
    for short-term [0.5-1 day] loading of equipment on the roof, etc.
  • Contractors will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment and ventilators to protect themselves from debris.
  • Most abatement is non-friable material. All abatement will be done in accordance with municipal, state, and federal law.
  • Worksite hours of operation will be in accordance with local municipal ordinances: 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. on
    weekdays, and 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. on weekends.
Did you not get the Homestead Exemption last year to help reduce your property taxes? You can
apply again this year by September 13, 2014
to get as much as $400 taken off your real estate
properties with the 10-year tax abatement can no longer receive this exemption.
You can apply online. You can apply over the phone (the fastest way) by calling 215-686-9200. Or pick up a paper
application at the SOSNA office, 1901 Christian Street.
SOSNA will be soliciting nominations from neighbors for candidates for the SOSNA Board of Directors. Nominations
will be accepted at the September 10, 2014 General Membership Meeting
. Details about the elections procedure
and serving on the Board are below. The Elections will take place Wednesday October 8th!
The SOSNA office will be closed starting August 4 and will re-open on August 25.  All Committee meetings will
occur as scheduled, unless otherwise noted. Please check for an up-to-date listing of our
monthly meetings.
If you need immediate assistance, contact Councilman Kenyatta Johnson's office at 215-686-3412. Or email
SOSNA here and we'll get back to you at our earliest convenience. All voicemails left at the SOSNA office will be
returned after August 25th. 
We apologize for this inconvenience. Have a great summer!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Neighborhood Books Makes the Press

The Weekly Press ran an article on Curtis Kise, who owns and runs Neighborhood Books at 1906 South Street. Curtis is very optimistic about the future of books in print. Read the full story here.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tria is Coming Nearby

According to Naked Philly, Tria is coming to 23rd and Pine. This is across the street from Fitler Square where Dmitri's used to be. Read the story here.

The article ends with, "And it's only like six years later than we would have liked. Let's try to make sure it actually happens this time, and keep this thing a secret from any local NIMBYs until it's too late. Sounds good?"

Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Fence Around the Triangle

The previous fence was run over by a car. This looks much sturdier. Each of the two garden areas is separately enclosed.

Weeding might be a bit tougher with having to negotiate the fence.

 A narrower entrance to the fountain area, but the curve is a nice feature.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Triangle Summer Music Series

Music Continues at the Triangle at 23rd and South Streets.

July 24
6-8 PM
Musician: Tall Trees
Food Truck: Mom-Mom's Polish Food Cart
July 31
5:30-8:30 PM
Musician: Mazel Tov Cocktail
Food Truck: Samosa Deb
August 7
6-8 PM (TBR)
Musician: Dylan Taylor
Food Truck: TBA
August 14
6-8 PM (TBR)
Musician: AlyCat
Food Truck: TBA
August 21
5:30-8:30P PM
Musician: Minas
Food Truck: TBA

All events subject to change.

Monday, July 21, 2014

22nd & Lombard

Naked Philly has more details on the conversion of the parking lot at 22nd and Lombard into housing. You can read the article here.

Looks like the current plan is to construct three houses, down from an original plan for four. The developer needs variances (it's zoned first floor commercial) and scheduled a hearing with L&I. This was postponed when L&I learned that the developer hadn't yet reviewed the plans with CCRA. This is currently on the CCRA zoning committee for July 22nd. Here's the details from the CCRA agenda:

2143 Lombard Street (CMX-2)
ZBA #22993, Hearing Date: August/date unknown
For the lot adjustment to create three (3) lots (lots 1-3) from four (4) existing lots (2143, 2145,
2147 and 2149 Lombard Street) and for the creation of a shared driveway easement. On lots 1-2:
for the erection of an attached structure with decks at the 2nd-4th floor rear and a roof deck
accessed by a pilot house. For use as a single family dwelling with two (2) interior accessory
parking spaces. On lot 4: for the erection of a semi-detached structure with decks at the 2nd-4th
floor rear and a roof deck accessed by a pilot house for use as a single family dwelling with two
interior accessory parking spaces.
(1) Use – an attached building in the CMX-2 District must contain a non-residential use
along 100% of the ground floor frontage and within the first 30 foot of building depth,
measured from the front building line; whereas the proposed structures on lots 1-4 do not
propose any non-residential uses.
(2) Side yard – Required: 5ft; Proposed: 3.2ft
(3) Rear yard depth – Required: 9ft. Proposed: 0ft.
(4) Height - Allowed: 38ft; Proposed: 45ft

Friday, July 18, 2014

South Street West Civic Association News Letter


The city is in the process of rezoning. The proposed changes in our immediate area (part of the Central District) are mostly to rezone to what exists. So, for example, some homes that are single family will be rezoned to single family from multi-family and new parks south of us will be rezoned to parks.

We would strongly encourage everyone interested to attend the meeting on July 23rd at 6PM at the St Charles Senior Center, 1941 Christian Street with SOSNA. This will provide you with a chance to provide input before these changes become law. You can also go to the SOSNA office to look at the maps ahead of time. See the link with details below of the proposed changes.

Please attend even if you are north of South Street – this type of rezoning will not be done again for decades. City Planning includes all of you as part of the Central District plan. If you do not provide feedback now (positive or negative), you are not likely to have a voice for decades. While the proposed zoning changes do not seem to contradict what most of you have said is important to you over the past years, you should communicate that. This is the time to be heard.

The discussion at other locations has also included a discussion of transit. You can review comments from prior meetings on line.  Given concerns many have raised about congestion in our area and concerns about balancing safe bike and pedestrian lanes, enough loading for our small neighborhood business district and parking concerns (particularly by those who do shift work and those trying to avoid being the “free” parking lot for non-residents using restaurants and entertainment in Center City or who work in University City) it would be a good time to communicate those concerns.

We recommend that you attend if possible, as there will be feedback stations about various aspects of the plan with both district council people and City Planning personnel. If you can not attend, please contact Kenyatta Johnson’s office with feedback. His e-mail is  You can also send feedback to City Planning.

SOSNA News Letter

SOSNA Social with SCP on Monday at the Bainbridge Club; Zoning Re-Mapping Meeting on Wednesday

Dear neighbors
We hope everyone enjoys the upcoming weekend. Stop by the Triangles on Saturday to get your bike registered with the Philadelphia Police (Details below). 
Check out below about some great events upcoming next week, especially the SOSNA Social with Stanton Community Partners at the Bainbridge Club (BRING SCHOOL SUPPLIES!) and an important public meeting with the City Planning Commission about proposed changes to the zoning map.
Have a bike? Want to register it with the 17th Police District as part of the Bicycle Registration system? Come to the Grays Ferry Triangles Plaza (23rd Street & Grays Ferry Ave/South Street) on Saturday, July 19th from 10 am to 12 pm to register your bike! Officers from the 17th Police District will be on-hand, as will members of the SOSNA Safety Committee to help you through the process.
Come to the Bainbridge Club (1529 Bainbridge) on July 21st (6:30-8:30 PM) for a special SOSNA SOCIAL with Stanton Community Partners!  The entry "fee" will be to bring school supplies for Stanton - supplies in need include copy paper, pencils, loose leaf paper, and basic art supplies (drawing/construction paper, markers, colored pencils, crayons).  Check out SCPs Amazon Wishlist for a full list. Click here. Bring whatever you can to support this great school. 
We'll be grilling burgers and dogs on the Club's stunning patio with skyline views.  Beer will be served and there'll be a cash bar.  SOSNA SOCIALs are events designed to get to know your neighbors - friends, neighbors, family, kids are all welcome!
A crucial part of the re-write of the Philadelphia Zoning Code and the implementation of the Philadelphia 2035 Plan is to change the base zoning maps for the entire city.  The Philadelphia City Planning Commission, in close consultation with District Council people and community groups, is going neighborhood-by-neighborhood to do this following the completion and adoption of District Plans.  Changing the zoning will permit certain development activity by right and others will require variances.  In theory, by making these changes, it will help achieve the goals put forth in the Central District Plan, of which we are a part.  These changes also bring base zoning in line with existing conditions throughout the neighborhood.
PLEASE COME TO AN IMPORTANT PUBLIC MEETING ON WEDNESDAY JULY 23 AT 6 PM AT 1941 CHRISTIAN STREET (St. Charles Senior Center) TO REVIEW THESE PROPOSED CHANGES.  Stop by the SOSNA office to review existing and proposed zoning changes in advance of this meeting.
The SOSNA Safety Committee and the South of South Townwatch have coordinated to organize a training opportunity for our neighborhood.

One day. One city. Tons of free dance workshops.

Philadelphia Dance Day is back and bigger than ever! In celebration of the fifth annual nonprofit festival, a group of local dance companies have teamed up to offer a Saturday packed with FREE workshops, live performances and a $5 evening dance party. The goal: to unite the community in celebrating dance as a powerful platform for creative expression and physical activity.
All dance enthusiasts – regardless of experience or even coordination – are invited to take part in the fun on July 26, 2014. There will be something for everyone, from Bhangra to tap to hip-hop for all ages. Participants will tour studios around the city to sample as many free workshops as they like during the day, then come together in the evening for the main event at the Ethical Society Building on Rittenhouse Square. Festivities kick off there with a huge Zumba party and a variety of partner dance lessons. After that, the floor opens up for social dancing to swing, ballroom, tango and Latin music so participants can practice moves they learned earlier in the day. Volunteer instructors will also put on a performance showcase.