Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fireside Camp Supply

Fireside Camp Supply is having its grand opening at 2207 South Street this weekend. Free s'moregasbord and cookout July 26 and 27 from 4-8pm.

Not much on their web site at the moment, but you can view it here.

Rita's Water Ice

And the work continues at Rita's at 2124 South Street. They're installing freezers, which is always a good thing to have at a water ice shop. And they're hiring. Visit their Facebook page here.

Friday, July 26, 2013

City Zoning Board Meeting for 1901-1919 Lombard Street

Developers Noah and Harvey Ostroff brought their plans to demolish the existing structures and construct ten houses at 1901-1919 Lombard Street to the City Zoning Board on July 24th. Additionally, the Board listened to the opinions of various neighbors. The Board did not make a decision at the meeting.

A detailed discussion of the meeting along with a video of the session can be found on PlanPhilly's page here.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weekly Press

The Weekly Press has published a story about the proposed development at 2300 South Street. You can read it here.

Rita's Italian Ice

Apparently Rita's at 2124 South Street is moving along. They're hiring! There's a write-up on the SOSNA web page here. You can keep track of progress on Rita's South Street Facebook page here.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

SOSNA Zoning Committee Meeting Results

SOSNA's Zoning Committee met Wednesday the 17th. Two items on the agenda were of interest to our South Square Town Watch area -- Rita's Water Ice and new development at 2300 South Street. (It was a very warm night. 19 Degrees Cafe on 19th and Christian Streets donated water for the attendees.)

Actually, Rita's was pulled from the agenda. Rita's submitted a proposal to the City for a sign outside its anticipated store at 2124 South Street. Since the City hadn't yet ruled on this request, it was premature to bring the item to the SOSNA Zoning Committee. Expect this to be on a future meeting's agenda.

Image courtesy of Plumbob LLC & 2300 South Street Association LP
One of the biggest items on the agenda is the proposed development at 2300 South Street. Being proposed is a five story building with a commercial ground floor and apartments above (see Plumbob's architectural rendering at left). It would replace the existing parking lot and the Newman Galleries. Read a more detailed description here.

The City requires the developer to get variances for several reasons, including: exceeding maximum height, exceeding number of rental units, exceeding height of fence and not providing sufficient rear yard depth.

Many local residents turned out for the meeting and voiced their opinions about this proposal. While some were in favor of the plan, siting, for example, an approval of additional retail, many of the other opinions were not. These mostly concerned the scale of the building and the lack of any parking facilities on the premises.

The Zoning Committee gave the presenters the option of allowing the attendees to vote on the proposal or to make another presentation at a future meeting after taking into consideration the opinions expressed at the meeting. They chose the latter. Expect this to be on a future meeting's agenda.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ron's Ribs Returning?

Ron's Ribs is thinking of reopening on South Street and is looking for funding to get started. Read more about it at fooboz. Support the venture by buying a Ron's Ribs shirt at Bonfirefunds.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Love Triangle?

Have you ever visited the triangle where South Street and Grays Ferry Avenue meet? Maybe sat at one of the tables enjoying the fountain and cooling off with a treat from The Igloo? Like what's been done there?

Help keep the improvements coming by supporting the Grays Ferry Triangles Project. Attend the Happy Hour fund raiser at Pub and Kitchen on the 18th!

Check out the details here.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SOSNA Zoning Committee Meeting

The SOSNA Zoning Committee will meet 7:00 pm on Wednesday, July 17, at 2040 Christian Street Shiloh Baptist Church. On the agenda of interest to the South Square Town Watch area:
  1. 2300 South Street: Application for a five-story structure with commercial on the ground floor and 24 apartments upstairs.
  2. 2124 South Street (Rita's): Application for a projecting sign.
 Full details on the meeting can be found here.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Weekly Press

This week's Weekly Press has two articles that might interest you.
- Read about our 17th District Police force here.
- An update to the Royal Theater ("Historical Commission Denies Requests for Demolition") is here.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Triangle Cleanup

Monthly triangle cleanup (across from the South Square Market) this Sunday, July 7, at 10:00 am. Come out an meet your neighbors!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PDAC Meeting Report

Here's Sandy's report from the PDAC meeting on 6/25/13.

Hi Everyone,

We had our drawing last night for the Phillies Ticket Package. Unfortunately, neither Fred nor I had the winner. She was someone from the area of Federal and 17th. ( Close to the big lottery winner earlier this week! Something in their water?)

The Captain talked at length about crime problems in our area. They are getting better because of a new program to deal with gangs that seems to be working well. What affects us, however, are still the same old things--robberies from the back of houses that are not protected (fortified was his word), and street hold ups. Cell phones are currently the most targeted items for hold-ups. Please try not to use your phones on the street while walking. It makes you a desirable target. (These robberies are quaintly called "apple-picking"!) He also suggested that we get to know our neighbors. Many of the burglaries are new houses, new people who know no one, with poor safety measures. I know it is our habit to introduce ourselves to new neighbors. Suggest this to everyone you meet. If we all look out for one another, it will cut down this type of crime.

Thanks all. Thanks too for supporting our raffle tickets!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Betty's Speakeasy is Closing

Betty's Speakeasy at 2241 Grays Ferry Ave has announced that they will be closing shop at the end of July. Contact them at their web site here.