Q: What is South Square Town Watch?
A: We are a volunteer organization made up of neighbors age 18 and older. We are a member of the city-wide Philadelphia Town Watch Integrated Services. Our primary mission is to patrol our neighborhood to provide a visible presence, and to look out for criminal activity. Additionally we want to engender a sense of community by keeping our neighbors informed of activities and events happening in the area and by providing them a forum for interacting with each other.

Q: What territory does South Square Town Watch patrol?
A: We patrol each block from 19th to 24th Streets, between Lombard and Kater Streets. Our territory is within the 17th Police District.

Q: What do SSTW members do?
A: Each member contributes just two hours a month from 8-10 on a weeknight. Two members patrol together and a third member serves as their base station from his/her home. Patrollers begin and end their walk from the "radio shack" where our equipment is stored, including our radios and stylish identifying vests. Walkers report in to the base periodically via two-way radio and report suspicious activity immediately to the base, who calls 911. Members do not intervene directly in criminal activity.

Q: Do I have a say in when I am scheduled each month?
A: YES! We will only schedule you according to your availability. Our scheduler calls members each month to arrange a convenient date. A calendar schedule is delivered to each member, usually via e-mail. Most members participate on a particular day each month, such as the second Wednesday of the month. Members may also choose to participate with specific partners.

Q: Is more time investment required of SSTW members than their monthly 2 hour contribution?
A: No! We have one organizational meeting a year. We communicate by e-mail and now post most information on this website. You may choose to become more actively involved in our Town Watch but none of this extra activity is required.

Q: I am an area business owner. Why is SSTW important to me?
A: Your business is important to the safety and vitality of our neighborhood. Our website is intended as a resource for both residents and area businesses. You in turn can help us do our job by reporting suspicious activity to the police, increase safety with adequate lighting, security systems, etc, and help us maintain the appearance of our neighborhood by keeping your business property clean. We encourage you to contact us with any comments, suggestions, questions, or concerns you have by using the "Contact Us" page on this web site.

Q: Does SSTW solicit money?
A: SSTW never solicits money from area residents or businesses! We rely on grants from Philadelphia's Town Watch Integrated Services organization and from other governmental and private organizations. Be wary of anyone who approaches you on the street asking for donations.