Friday, August 2, 2013

Help two local Philadelphia Public Schools with School Supplies Donation

From Carolyn:

August 1, 2013

Dear Friends,

Many of you may already be aware that the Philadelphia School District is strapped for money. What this has meant for the public schools is very deep cuts on everything including no secretaries in any school, schools closing and no money to purchase much needed supplies for the students. 

My office had a clean-up day last week and the office collected unused office supplies (i.e. binders, pens, file folders) and donated to a couple local public schools. Chester Arthur and E.M. Stanton Elementary Schools were thrilled. They told me that binders are too expense so they were not purchasing them. 

In addition, I made an personal gift of $50.00 worth of school supplies. For $50.00 I was able to purchase 20 notebooks, 4 hand sanitizers, 48 pencils, a multi-pack of post-it notes, 20 elmer glue sticks, tissues and wet wipes. All these things are much needed supplies. (Staples is having a back to school sale. The notebooks were 50 cent each!)

I would like to encourage everyone to help our local public schools, help the children be able to have the supplies they need.

These children are our future. They deserve to have what many may just take for granted – a pen, a pencil, a notebook. Both schools have a wishlist, but they will also take monetary donations or gift cards.

E.M. Stanton has created a wish list for school supplies on amazon.

Chester Arthur has two wish list on Amazon:

You can either purchase directly from Amazon or purchase from other places. I know that right now Staples has many things at slightly better prices like the notebooks for a limited time.

To learn more about these schools:

E.M Stanton

Chester Arthur

In addition, I was told copier paper is a much needed item which is not on either wish list.

If you would like to purchase supplies from other sources, you are welcome to deliver them to me and indicate which school they should go to. 

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