Monday, April 27, 2020

CCRA Newsletter

Keeping our Neighborhood Clean and Safe During the Pandemic
Dear Neighbor:

As I write this, we are in a time that none of us has
ever experienced or would have predicted even a few months ago. Most of us are staying safely at home and socially distant when going outside- giving our sidewalks a strange, deserted look. So it is more important than ever that our streets are clean and safe, with an abundance of public space for us to enjoy. CCRA makes a major contribution to this effort. We have a $30,000 contract with the Center City District to clean neighborhood sidewalks after weekly trash collection, which is not covered by membership dues. A look at the city's Litter Index Map shows our neighborhood is among the cleanest in the city. In addition to diligence from our terrific residents, who take pride in keeping the neighborhood clean and green, the sidewalk cleaning is a big part of this. It's an expensive, but extraordinarily successful program
CCRA's Neighborhood Clean Safe and Green Campaign supports many initiatives - tree planting, historic preservation, the Schuylkill River Park Community Garden and oversight of neighborhood development. Just recently, the developer of a major new office building on Market Street negotiated a very favorable Community Benefits Agreement with CCRA, which includes $14,000 to replace trees which will be lost.
CCRA is also particularly active at this time on issues of neighborhood safety. In response to two close-by murders over the winter, we convened two community meetings, organized a neighborhood safety committee, and established heightened liaison with the police and the many organizations dealing with increased panhandling and homelessness. Through these continuing efforts, the police have been particularly responsive to moving unmasked panhandlers away from open food stores and pharmacies and preventing large groups from re-establishing themselves in or near Rittenhouse Square, which was the source of at least one (as-yet unsolved) stabbing.
CCRA is also attentive to the current need for more useable outdoor spaces and has spearheaded an effort with other community organizations to lobby the city to permit use of certain streets for pedestrians, joggers, and bicyclists at a time when such space is not being used by cars, but could be a welcome outlet for exercise.
These efforts are not free. Like many other non-profit organizations, we had to cancel our spring fundraiser, the popular House and Garden Tour, which has left a large hole in our budget. We also can't plan on repeating our successful Casino Night in the fall. We know there are many unmet needs right now and social and charitable organizations of every kind are competing for scarce dollars in a scary and uncertain time. But we also need to ask for your help. Support in any amount helps and is tax deductible. To make your online donation, click below or download the form below to mail it in.
Please, help keep our neighborhood clean, beautiful, open and safe with a donation to CCRA's Keeping our Neighborhood Clean, Safe and Green Campaign.

Thank you for everything you do to make our neighborhood better!
Maggie Mund
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