Friday, April 24, 2020

CCRA Newsletter

Center City Quarterly
Call for Submissions
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes programming and event-planning challenging at best, we are taking a novel approach to the Summer issue of the CCQ. We decided this would be the perfect time to focus on those in our neighborhood and the greater community who are having an impact in ways large and small in helping us through this crisis.
Do you know of a neighbor, friend, relative, service provider or local merchant who is going to extraordinary lengths to make life better for others? Do you have a story of your own to share? Pictures of good Samaritans in action? We want to gather them all, and share them in a special online edition of the
Center City Quarterly.
This will serve as our Summer issue, so any regular features, such as the President's Report and Calendar of Events, will still appear accordingly, along with announcements and updates on events that were previously published.
  • Deadline: May 15
  • Send submissions via email to, with CCQeditor in the subject line; please be sure to obtain your subject's permission to be featured
  • Copy preferred in the form of Word attachments, 250-700 words
  • Photos, artwork and graphics should be submitted as jpg files (as large-format as possible); be sure to include complete CAPTION and CREDIT information
Apropos Earth and Arbor Day

The CCRA board was recently briefed on the state of the tree canopy in Center City West, which is part of a larger city-wide, William Penn Foundation funded Urban Forest Strategic Plan.   It was reported that although there was a six percent decline in tree canopy citywide over the last ten years, the decline in Center City West was even greater, measuring over nine percent.   (See here for the reportAccording to Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, most of the trees lost were 40 to 50 feet tall - in the middle of their lifespan--and  were either lost during development or fell as a result of storms or truck damage. 
When it became known that the proposed Parkway Development project at 23rd and Market was going to remove 16 trees, and was unable to replace them on site because of SEPTA station and other underground utilities, CCRA's Major Development Task Force members approached Parkway about contributing to the Tree Tenders fund.  The amount requested will cover the cost to replace the 16 removed trees, and will be restricted to Center City West.  Parkway gladly accommodated this request and I am happy to report a letter agreement has been added to an already well thought out Community Benefits Agreement.

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