Thursday, August 15, 2019

CCRA Zoning Meeting Report Regarding Dry Cleaner

Hi Neighbors,
If you were there, you know it was quite a show. I’ve never seen nastier lawyers – even on TV – but ours (Richard DeMarco) wasn’t one of them. He was the good guy.
DeMarco stayed laser-focused on his main point that L&I was misled because the Kim’s knew they didn’t have full title, yet still filed applications to L&I.  The two opposing attorneys and the City’s lawyer raised angry voices in opposition to everything our lawyer said. Even though it was three lawyers to our one, at the end of the day, I’d say there were no winners and no losers.  The hearing was stopped around 6:40 p.m. and a new date will be set for a Tuesday in September for it to continue. Our case doesn’t just rest on the question of ownership, so there’s more to come.
I heard that at one point ZBA Chairman Frank DiCicco looked out at who was in the room and commented on how around 25 people were there – that’s a lot.  So I thank ALL of you who attended because it demonstrated that the neighbors care. The cases without opposition that the ZBA heard before ours were quickly approved, except for one. So having our neighbors there gave our position credibility and clout, as it should. DiCicco is a former City Councilman and understands and respects the power that citizens have.
Councilman Kenyatta Johnson sent a letter with his new Legislative Assistant, Frantz Pierre Jr., that supported our position, which was an important plus for us. 
I’ll let you know when a date is set for September and hope you’ll come again, or join us for the first time. It’s sure to be as contentious a meeting and far more interesting than anything you’ll see on any television show! 
Again, thanks for the support we’ve been receiving. No matter which way it goes, I’m sure there will be an appeal.

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