Monday, July 24, 2017

Andy's Chicken

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Andy's Chicken opening 2nd location, on South Street West 

Andy’s Chicken, which introduced Fishtown to juicy, crunchy Korean fried chicken two years ago, is taking its act to South Street West.
The second location is expected to open in October at 2108 South St., which most recently was Ti Penso after many years as Roberto Cafe, says Eric Yoon, a new partner of Andy’s founder Andy Choi.
Yoon, a lawyer for a local bank, moved to Fishtown and fell in love with the tiny chicken shop. One conversation led to another, Yoon said, and now he is on board to help with the new location, which is substantially larger and will allow bench-style seating.
Yoon said the new shop would also offer a fried chicken sandwich as well as burgers and a few Korean staple dishes.

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