Thursday, August 11, 2016

SOSNA Newsletter

First Aid Supplies Drive and Neighborhood Zoning

Friends & Neighbors,
We need your help collecting first aid supplies for our public schools! You can drop off items- such as band aids,
hand sanitizer, alcohol swabs, etc.- at the SOSNA office, the Quick Fixx, Rita's South Street West or the Igloo. You
can also order items from the schools' wish lists and have them shipped directly to SOSNA!
Unfortunately, the Triangles Music Series Concert Scheduled for tonight, Thursday, Ausut 11th, has been canceled
due to the weather. 
The SOSNA Zoning Committee Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 17th at 7PM. The agenda and more
information on the projects is listed below. 
The next SOSNA Zoning Committee meeting will take place at the SOSNA office, 1901
Christian Street, at 7PM on August 17, 2016.
The SOSNA Zoning Committee always meets the third Wednesday of every month starting
at 7 PM.
August 17, 2016 SOSNA ZONING AGENDA :
1. 2409 Catharine Street - Application for a three-story addition to an attached single-family structure, with roof deck
and pilot house.
2. 2716 South Street - Application for signage located on the CHOP Schuylkill Avenue Project and street-level
signage surrounding the building.
3. 1608-1610 Christian Street - Application for: (1) The adjustment of the common lot line between 1608 and 1610
Christian Street. (2) Parcel “A” (1608 Christian Street): The erection of a second and third floor addition; decks at the
first, second, and third floors; a deck upon the third floor roof (with pilothouse); gate/fence at the front property line.
The legalization of one (1) existing accessory off-street surface parking space. Change of use to a single-family
dwelling. (3) Parcel “ B” (1610 Christian Street): No change to the height or area of the existing structure. Continued
use as a legal three-family dwelling. 
4. 1600-1606 Christian Street / 1609-1619 Montrose Street - 
-Application for 1600-08 Christian Street: a use change for one daycare center and preschool for infant and
toddler care. 
-Application for 1609-19 Montrose Street: the erection of a new structure above an existing parking lot with 8
single-family dwelling units with a parking garage with a single drive aisle with 11 double occupancy parking
spaces with mechanical lifts and one ADA van accessible parking space with a pilot house.
SOSNA would like thank everyone who joined us on August 2nd for National Night Out at
Julian Abele Park! A special thank you to the 17th Police District and the Philadelphia Fire Department! For
pictures of the event click here!
Thursdays and Sundays throughout the summer we're bringing food, fun and MUSIC to the
Triangles Plaza as part of our Triangles Summer Music Series. Thanks to our friends at FoCA
for co-sponsoring the Kids' Summer Concerts on Sunday nights! For the full list of dates, bands
and food trucks, click here

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