Sunday, July 31, 2016

Zoning Board Meetings in August for our Neighborhood

Zoning Board of Adjustment (visit here)
1515 Arch Street, 18th Floor
215-686-2429 or 215-686-2430

Zoning Board Date/
Variance Request
2310 Naudain St
Permit for the erection of an attached structure (nte 38' high); pilot house accessed by a roof deck for a single family household living size and location as shown in the application.
2301 Grays Ferry Ave
Old Towne & Sanna's
Permit for erection of a canopy at first floor (no signage). For the erection of a three (3) story addition above an existing one (1) story attached structure (total four (4) story, maximum height not to exceed 44 ft) with five bays at second to fourth floor level, and four (4) balconies per floor on second through fourth floors . For the erection of a roof deck (setback 5 ft from each street frontage) with roof access structure. Size and location as shown on plans. For use as a sit-down restaurant on the first floor as previously approved and proposed multi-family household living (six families) above.
2101 South St
Omega Pizza
Permit for the relocation of lot lines to create two lots from two existing lots(2101-43 & 2145) for the demolition of an existing structure on lot b, for the erection of an attached structure (maximum height nte 55 feet) with roof decks above accessed by a pilot house, for use as retail sale of food beverages and groceries on the first floor, for twenty(20) dwelling units above, for seven)((7) bicycle parking spaces for open air accessory parking for five vehicles including one ADA spaces on parcel b, for parcel a for previously approved twenty nine(29) dwelling units with other previously approved uses, with five open air accessory parking spaces including one ADA space, with a common access easement between the two lots. (size and location as shown on the application)

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