Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PDAC Meeting Report

Here's Sandy's report from the PDAC meeting on 6/25/13.

Hi Everyone,

We had our drawing last night for the Phillies Ticket Package. Unfortunately, neither Fred nor I had the winner. She was someone from the area of Federal and 17th. ( Close to the big lottery winner earlier this week! Something in their water?)

The Captain talked at length about crime problems in our area. They are getting better because of a new program to deal with gangs that seems to be working well. What affects us, however, are still the same old things--robberies from the back of houses that are not protected (fortified was his word), and street hold ups. Cell phones are currently the most targeted items for hold-ups. Please try not to use your phones on the street while walking. It makes you a desirable target. (These robberies are quaintly called "apple-picking"!) He also suggested that we get to know our neighbors. Many of the burglaries are new houses, new people who know no one, with poor safety measures. I know it is our habit to introduce ourselves to new neighbors. Suggest this to everyone you meet. If we all look out for one another, it will cut down this type of crime.

Thanks all. Thanks too for supporting our raffle tickets!


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