Thursday, May 6, 2021

SOSNA Newsletter

Be able to tell mom, when you see her later on in the day, that you helped the local businesses by keeping the neighborhood commercial corridors clean.

Below are the details for the event to share with your friends and neighbors:

MEETING LOCATION: 1901 Washington Street (19th Street between Washington and League)
CLEAN UP TIME: 9:00 AM- 11:00 AM (Please arrive 5 -10 minutes earlier for your assignment and bags)
THINGS TO BRING: Mask, gloves, any of your favorite tools, and water.
THINGS WE PROVIDE: Bags, pickers and shovels.

In case you can't make it - A donation to SOSNA to help offset the costs of bags and tools is always appreciated! Thank you to those who have already donated!

To donate, visit and add a note of "Corridor Clean-Up" so the funds go directly to continuing this effort.



We are celebrating six students graduating middle school and three students graduating high school! After this difficult year, we want to help mark the occasion and support their next steps. Thank you for your support!

Please send all packages to: Puentes de Salud, c/o Lili Domenick, 120 S. 46th St, Apt. 2, Philadelphia PA 19139. We are unable to see your contact info when you purchase, so if you would like a donation acknowledgement for your taxes, please email with a receipt for your purchase. Puentes de Salud is a non-profit 501c3 (tax EIN 26- 1973303).

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