Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Dear Neighbors:
On Friday I emailed you with great urgency, at the request of the City's Law Department, asking you to submit an affidavit to the Law Department regarding a pending case and to do so by this Monday.
Yesterday, the City retracted its request. The City will not use affidavits submitted in response to its now-withdrawn request. The City's statement can be found here: view article
We apologize for CCRA's lack of diligence in this matter as we should not have made a request to our membership in reliance on the City's representations without conducting our own independent inquiry. 
As we now understand it, the point of the affidavits was to memorialize resident concerns about quality of life policing, and to use the affidavits as part of litigation concerning a potential ruling in Bailey et. al. v. City of Philadelphia, case no. 2:10-cv-05952 (E.D. Pa.). To review the relevant submissions by the parties, see below:

CCRA is extremely disappointed with all involved, including the City, that no effort was made--other than at the 11th hour and in a terribly mismanaged way--to engage community groups regarding our residents’ concerns and how, if at all, a court ruling may impact the resolution of those concerns. 
We understand that many of our residents remain very concerned about quality of life issues and discriminatory police conduct, and we will consider how to engage with all relevant entities, including potentially the City's Law Department, to make sure that our concerns on both points are heard in a responsible, transparent and ethical manner. 
Please stay tuned for further updates. 
Maggie Mund, President, CCRA

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