Tuesday, May 28, 2019

CCRA Newsletter

 CCRA Supports Proposed Revenue Neutral Real Estate Tax Rate Legislation

Following the recommendations of its Real Estate Tax Committee and Government Relations Committee, CCRA has voted to support the concepts contained in City Council Bill 190318 and its School District companion, Bill 190319. These Bills would amend Chapter 19-1301 of the Philadelphia Code dealing with real estate taxes to provide that, beginning in tax year 2020, unless Council approves an increase or a decrease, the real estate tax rate must be "revenue neutral," i.e., set at a rate that will produce the same level of real estate tax revenues as were generated during the prior tax year.

The Bills were introduced on April 25, and are likely to come up for a hearing in early June. CCRA is contacting all members of City Council to convey its position, and hopes to testify before the Council's Finance Committee. CCRA has also joined a motion to have the Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition, of which CCRA is an active member, to formally support the concepts embodied in these Bills. Should you care to weigh in for yourself, click or tap here for a one-page list of all 17 members of City Council, with their phone numbers (best way to communicate with their appropriate staff person) and email addresses.

Click or tap here for a summary of the tax bills
Click or tap here for Bill 190318
Click or tap here for Bill 190319

CCRA votes not to take a position on the 22nd Street Protected Bike Lane Project as presented by oTIS at the March 18, 2019 Open House at Greenfield School. 

This decision was predicated on three things:
  • the understanding that CCRA's support or lack thereof would not influence the City's decision to move forward with the project;
  • our lack of expertise to fully evaluate the pros and cons of the proposal.
  • Inconclusive survey data
CCRA thanks all those who attended the open house with oTIS regarding changes planned for 22nd St and its bike lane and the almost 100 people who responded to our online surveys about the bike lane.  However, because the participant pool did not clearly represent all who live on or near 22nd St and/or who walk, drive, or bike (or would like to bike) in the proximate area, we were unable to draw reliably valid conclusions.  This uncertainty, coupled with the reasons above, resulted in the board's decision to take no position, for or against, the plans regarding the 22nd St bike lane. 

However, the survey results and all comments were forwarded to oTIS, and it is our expectation that, as the city continues to develop and complete the design work, CCRA's Streets Committee will remain in the loop and engaged in the process. We will keep CCRA's membership informed as best we can before the badly needed repaving of 22nd St. begins in the fall or, more likely, next spring. 

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Rittenhouse Hardware, 2001 Pine St. (215-735-6311)
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