Friday, February 1, 2019

News and Updates
New Office Is Now Up And Running

The CCRA office, located at 1900 Market Street, 8th Floor, has officially moved into the WeWorks space. WeWorks requires that all guests must be registered upon arrival.

To expedite registration, call the office (215-546-6719) and speak with our Operations Manager, Travis Oliver. He will register your visit. Bring your driver's license or photo id.

Upon arrival, check in with the security desk on the first-floor lobby. Tell security you are going to the 8th floor. After arriving on the 8th floor, you will need to sign in electronically using your photo id. The reception will assist you. After signing in, Travis will immediately receive a message that you have arrived and he will meet you in the 8th-floor lobby.

Feel free to visit the office and meet Travis.
Property Tax Assessment Appealers Update
We are happy to report that Bill 171009, passed by City Council in December 2018, quietly became law without the Mayor's signature. Under this legislation, residents awaiting results of a property tax appeal can pay their property tax as computed on the prior 2017 assessment without incurring interest and penalties. Upon resolution of the appeal, they must timely pay the assessment determined via the appeal process. 

DiBruno Brothers Discount

We are happy to report that Di Bruno Brothers has renewed their popular 10% discount to CCRA members who join or renew by 2/28/19.  The discount will be good as of today to members who have already renewed.  Remember to pick up your card at your local DiBruno Brothers establishment to
start saving today!  

Save the Date - Celebration of Center City Living, Thursday, 5/9

CCRA is excited to announce that this year's Celebration of Center City Living will be on Thursday May 9, 2019 at the Ethical Society. This year's event will be a Casino Night, complete with professionally staffed tuxedoed dealers and croupiers leading participants through roulette, black jack, craps, and poker, where the winnings are raffle tickets to be used as chances for donated prizes.   For sponsorship information or to donate a raffle item, contact the CCRA office at

Neighborhood Feedback:  Airbnb, VRBO, & Co 

CCRA is investigating the role short term rental companies, such asAirBnB, VRBO, etc., play in our neighborhood.  In 2015, following the Pope's visit to Philadelphia, City Council enacted Bill No. 150441-A to clarify our regulations on short-term rentals under the "Hotel Room Rental Tax."   Under this ordinance, short term rentals here are limited to 91 days occupancy per year (out of 180 days offered) in owner-occupied residences (that occupied by the owner for at least 180 days/year), with common kitchens and bathrooms, and may not adversely change the residential character of a building or neighborhood.

Done properly, proponents say AirBnB etc. offer alternatives for the traveling public, especially those who need full kitchen/laundry facilities; provide travelers a more authentic local experience and enable residents with space to earn extra income.   

However, commercial providers -- e.g., individuals and businesses, lease apartments or buy homes just to rent them out as rooms to individuals or groups.  Critics say that these operations are unregulated rooming houses & hotels, violating local ordinances designed to protect both renters and neighbors and creating unfair competition for the hospitality industry. 
A quick perusal of short-term rental sites such as AirBnb reveals several rooms, apartments and houses available within CCRA boundaries.  CCRA would like to hear from our members about your experiences with the short term rental industry.  What impacts have you experienced--negative -- or positive-- from short-term rentals in our neighborhood?  What do you think?  Let us know -- take our survey at   
Please reply by February 11, 2019.  The survey will close on that date.

The Bethesda Project Is Looking for Volunteers 

They are in need of three volunteers to help them at the upcoming Community Life event, Bethesda Games Valentine Edition. This event is taking place on Thursday, 2/14/19, from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm in the community room of their North Broad residence. Volunteers will help set-up decorations, run games, serve lunch & snacks, and clean-up. Please let Sarah Erdo know if you are willing and able to help out with this community building event.  They also need beverages and snacks for this event. Please let me know if you are able to donate popcorn, potato chips, cheese curls, and /or soda.

Community Events
Upcoming Movies from the Philadelphia Film Society

Click or tap here to view the films and schedules.

For more information about neighborhood events, check out CCRA's Community Events Calendar
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CCRA Merchant Member Discount Program
Support our local merchants and save money too. These local merchants will provide a discount (described here) to any member who shows a current CCRA membership card and personal identification.

Rim's Dry Cleaners & Tailors,2203 South St. (215-546-1889)
Rittenhouse Hardware, 2001 Pine St. (215-735-6311)
Suga Restaurant, 1720 Sansom St. (215-717-8968)
Ursula Hobson Fine Art Framing, 1528 Waverly St (215.546.7889)
Astral Artists - Use promo code "CCRA" to receive a $10 flat rate on all tickets to their concerts.
Di Bruno Bros., 1730 Chestnut St, (uses separate card, see info here)
Dom's Shoe Repair, 203 S. 20th St (215-972-0098)
Eye Candy Vision, 218 S. 20th St (215-568-3937)
Home Helpers Philly, 1835 S. Broad St., Ste 2 (215-334-2600)
Jason Matthew Salon, 1735 Chestnut St, 2nd Fl (215-665-8030)
Koresh Dance Company, 2002 Rittenhouse Sq St. (267-687-1769)
Nature's Gallery Florist, 2124 Walnut St (215-563-5554)
NextMove Dance - Get $10 off  Dance Performances with your CCRA Membership.  Members use  promo code SAVE10.
Philly Foodworks - Use the code "CCRA" when signing up for home delivery and receive a $20 discount on delivery charges.
Photo Lounge 1909 Chestnut Street (267-322-6651)
Twenty-Two Gallery, 236 S. 22nd St, (215-772-1911)
Raven Lounge, 1718 Sansom St. (215-840-3577)

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