Saturday, December 31, 2016

Royal Theater

From a Facebook post by OCF Realty:

"OCF Realty is excited to announce that less than three months after our client purchased the Royal Theater, we have submitted for permits to demolish the deteriorating portions of the building while preserving its facade. This is the first major step toward the redevelopment of the site, which we expect to begin in March of 2017. We have begun notifying neighbors of the impending demolition and are eager to work with both near neighbors and the broader community to improve upon our designs and deliver a project that makes sense for everyone. In an effort to engage as many people as possible, we'll be working with both SOSNA and SSWBA to make presentations to the larger community in the next month or so. In addition, we are looking forward to meeting with immediate neighbors on both Kater and South Streets over the coming weeks to continue to improve upon our plan. The current plan includes a mixed-use building on South Street with a row of town homes on Kater.

"Demolition will begin as soon as next week. By the end of January, we are hopeful that everything will be gone, except for the fa├žade, which we are committed to preserve and restore. Liz Scott, OCFs project manager for the Royal Theater, will be on site daily during demolition activity to help ensure that the demolition and structural bracing teams carry out their jobs safely and with the least interruption to neighbors. While we’re sad to see the building go, we’re all really excited to make this amazing property an important part of the neighborhood again. Thanks, and Happy New Year!"

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