Saturday, November 14, 2015

SOSNA Zoning Meeting: 1944 South Street

SOSNA will be holding a Zoning Committee meeting on Wednesday, November 18th starting at 7pm. Location hasn't been decided; either the SOSNA office at 1901 Christian Street or Shiloh Baptist Church 2040 Christian Street. Check here for further details on the meeting.

Of interest to our neighborhood is a zoning variance request for a UPS store at 1944 South Street. This is the SE corner of South and 20th Streets. In the past this location was a gallery, a cupcakery, and most recently Ori Feibush's campaign headquarters. It is currently vacant. A zoning variance is required because the site is not zoned for "business support." As part of the zoning variance process, the developer is holding a public hearing facilitated by the SOSNA Zoning Committee per above.

The following documents were mailed to property owners in the area.

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