Monday, December 15, 2014

South Street West Civic Association Newsletter

Subject: Zoning for 2308a Naudain / Pine Street paving / CHOP input

ZONING FOR 2308a Naudain
The ZBA will be meeting on December 16 at 9 AM regarding zoning of 2308a Naudain Street.  Near neighbors, whether in favor, neutral  or opposed, should try to attend. Zoning hearings are in blocks, so you should plan to sit for a couple hours. However, the zoning board historically pays closer attention to in person comments than those via e-mail. To contact the appropriate parties via e-mail, see list below. If you have already done so, I’m sure they have your mail.

The owner wants to replace the 2 family unit that was there with a 2 family unit. Zoning only permits single family units at that location, so the developer needs a variance. Over 90% of those who contacted us opposed the density given the low rise, single family fabric of the block once past the corner. While we have sent a letter to the following parties, we encourage those of you who have not done so to do the same, preferably by Monday night to ensure it gets into the folder of the ZBA members prior to the hearing. Note that the ZBA addresses have changed.

ZBA:       and 
City Planning:

Note that the zoning hearing focuses on the legal issue at hand. You are best focusing on density and the problems it will cause:
According to CCRA, the only arguments that carry weight are:
- Neighbor input
- Parking due to crowding
- Pedestrian imprint
- Two family unit
 - Uniformity with the neighborhood
While the ZBA does not count pilot houses, that on top of a deck over a now 38 foot building (legal) to replace a 30 foot one, will definitely affect light and air for the nearest neighbors. This might be a stretch, but you can raise the subject. We recommend you mention issues from the list above too.

2115 Pine Street Paving
We are aware that the “paving” near Pine and Van Pelt is a mess. Several of the neighbors have contacted Kenyatta Johnson’s office. To date, we know they are aware of the problem. Please be careful, particularly on bikes, skates or skateboards. Also, as a courtesy to neighbors, please slow down. Airborne “vehicles” do make noise while they land, and those with shocks may suffer wear and tear.

CHOP meeting for Neighborhood Advisory Group
There is a meeting that our neighborhood representatives will attend December 22nd. If you are having any specific issues that should be on the agenda or have not been addressed, please let us know. The neighborhood advisory group meets monthly, and includes a near neighbor, a member of our board and representatives from other community organizations.

Happy Holidays

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