Tuesday, October 14, 2014

SOSNA Newsletter

Announcing the New Members of SOSNA's Board of Directors!

Friends and Neighbors, 
SOSNA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Board of Directors Elections! Joining the Board of Directors
are Kevin Brown, Carl Jones and Marisa Waxman. Elected for a second term are Jon Adler and Jennifer Leupold.
Thanks to all of those who showed their dedication to SOSNA by running for the board, and thank you to members of
the community who came out to vote! 
If you would like to apply for a street tree visit the Southwest Center City Tree
Planters Facebook
. Applications are due on October 20th. The next pruning
event will be Thursday, October 16th at 5:30pm. Please meet at 23rd and
Bainbridge Street, activities will include pruning 23rd Street.
October 21 will be the next installment of SOSNA Dines Out at Miles Table!
Stay tuned to SOSNA's Facebook page for info on ticketing and the menu!
The deadline to vote for Bike Share locations is coming up October 20th.
Make sure you vote to bring bike share to the South of South community!
Three South Street West businesses—The Quick Fixx, Integral Life, and
Message Agency—need your votes to become eligible for Mission Main
Street Grants to help grow their businesses. October 17th is the deadline,
so please act now!
1.  Visit this page
2.  Search for 19146
3.  Log into Facebook and vote for all three of our businesses.

Upcoming Neighborhood Events:

The October 15 SOSNA Zoning Committee meeting will take place at the SOSNA OFFICE,
1901 Christian Street, at 7PM.
The SOSNA Zoning Committee always meets the third Wednesday of every month starting
at 7 PM.
AGENDA for October 17:
1712 Christian Street: Application for the erection of a three story addition, with two interior parking spaces to an
accessory existing three story structure, accessory to an existing, attached three story structure, for use as a single
family dwelling.
1807 Washington Avenue: Application for the erection of an addition on top of an existing attached structure. For use
as two apartments on the second and third floors and an existing sit-down restaurant on the first floor. 
726 S 18th Street: Application for the erection of pilot house access to roof deck to an existing two story structure
accessory to existing two-family household living.
The SOSNA Safety Committee and the South of South Town Watch have coordinated to
organize training opportunities for our neighborhood.
Parents and caregivers of preschool and elementary age children are invited to an elementary school
fair designed to help parents research grade school options. The fair gives families the opportunity to
speak directly to schools and compare individual philosophies and accomplishments. Public, charter,
private and parochial schools in the three neighborhood association areas have been invited to attend. 
Light refreshments will be served. 
Since 2008, the Southwest Center City 5K Run has served the area as a healthy,
family-friendly, community-building event.

Please join PHS for the closing of the urban oasis on South Street on October 19th at 3:00pm!

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