Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Traffic from PWD Work

Here's an copy of an e-mail sent out by Andy from SOSNA about the impact the PWD activity is having on the area traffic.

Hey all

A few neighbors have reached out to me about the PWD work on 22nd Street, which is affecting traffic in at least a four-block radius in most directions. 

PWD told me today to expect work on 22nd Street to last 6-8 weeks.  When they are replacing the water pipe (as they are now) the street will be closed 7 AM - 4 PM.  When they get to the sewer replacement, the street will be closed 24 hours. 

They are issuing a traffic advisory to local media, which they will send me, so SOSNA can share with our email list.

I've seen traffic backed up as far as 20th and Carpenter because of this work.  Where else have people noticed back-ups? 

Also, big thanks to Zac [Igloo] for his efforts via Commerce Department to get the trailer/pipes removed from our Triangle!


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