Thursday, December 19, 2013

Police District PSA 1 Meeting

The monthly Police Service Area 1 (PSA 1) meeting was held this evening at the SOSNA office. Three officers were present to provide a report of what's been happening in PSA 1. While crimes do occur here, they stress that this is a safe PSA.

Their main suggestions to us:
  • Do not be on your cell phone when walking
  • Keep your head on a swivel
  • Know your surroundings

Crimes in our PSA over the last 28 days:
  • Aggravated assaults - 1, with an arrest
  • Thefts from auto - 13 (considered a lot), items taken include GPS devices, phones, laptops, money, and basically anything that can be seen from outside the vehicle. Tell friends and family that visit this holiday season not to leave anything visible in their car.
  • House burglaries - 14, there has been an increase
  • Commercial burglaries - 3, with two suspects arrested for all three crimes (one lives in the district)
  • Robberies with a gun - 1, two suspects arrested carrying machine guns(!)
  • Robberies without a gun - 5, no arrests
  • Shootings - none (though they mentioned that the 2100 block of Fitzwater Street is a typical place for shootings)
While the 3rd District has seen a number of "knockout game" incidents in Philadelphia, a few have also been reported in our district.

Another suggestion: tell UPS/USPS/FedEx not to leave deliveries on your doorstep.

The Community Meeting for PSA 1 NORMALLY takes place the Fourth Thursday of every month at 6:30PM at the SOSNA Office, 1901 Christian Street. Check the SOSNA Events web page.

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