Friday, October 25, 2013

19th and Lombard Streets

The following is an excerpt from the CCRA Newsletter of October 25th.

"Developer Noah Ostroff, who recently completed the Lombard Estates townhouses on the north side of the 1800 block of Lombard, is about to start work on a ten unit townhouse development, Rittenhouse Estates [see pictures here], just down the street. Seven 5000 square foot homes and one-4000 square foot home will front on the north side of Lombard, from the corner of 19th and Lombard to Uber Street, midway between 19th and 20th . The other two homes, slightly smaller, will open onto Uber Street and 19th Street respectively.  Currently the site is occupied by a parking lot and four apartment buildings all of which will be demolished.  In accordance with the Center City Residents' Neighborhood Plan, Rittenhouse Estates has no garage fronts facing the pedestrians. Cars enter via a single driveway on 19th Street and all garage access is via an interior courtyard, out of public sight. The plans call for 20 parking slots. Demolition is scheduled to commence before December 31st  and the targeted completion date is the end of 2014. The project was the subject of multiple reviews with CCRA's zoning committee resulting in project modifications to address the committee's concerns and  those expressed by near neighbors.  Modifications included a reduction in the mass and streetscape impact of the townhouses fronting Lombard street; an increase in rear open space, a reduction in the height of the two townhouses adjacent to the Ringold Street residences, as well as changing the vehicular circulation for  the townhouse rear parking to eliminate cars egressing onto Uber Street where a daycare and play area are located."

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