Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mixed-Use Neighborhood or Not?

An interesting article on the flying kite web site about the rapid development of our neighborhood and its degree (or lack) of mixed-use. It states that we're not as mixed-use as other neighborhoods and that that might not be a good thing. Who's to blame?

A quote from the article, "A part of town once rich with corner stores and mixed-use buildings has become a homogenous bedroom community."

Read the full article at Where have all the corner stores gone?

21st and Fitzwater - Johanna Austin

From a once down-and-out commercial corridor to one of the hottest dining destinations in Center City, South Street West's upswing has been dramatic. That said, the stretch's revitalization makes sense -- one of the golden rules of commercial real estate is "retail follows rooftops." Or, more generally, commercial investors track thriving residential markets, capitalizing on demand.


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