Friday, May 31, 2013

Evergreens: A Neighborhood History

A neighbor writes:

Hello Everyone,

I just purchased “Evergreens” written by Andrew Dalzell. It is about the SOSNA area ( South Street to Washington Avenue between Broad and the Schuylkill), but it should be of interest to everyone who lives nearby and to all those who are fascinated by Philadelphia’s history. It is also for people who think about what our community will be like in the future. The book title refers to the Pemberton family’s Evergreens estate, which in the mid eighteenth century was where 23rd, South, and Grays Ferry now meet.

The book is full of information. Want to know about: Alexander M. Calder, designer of the William Penn statue atop City Hall, who lived at 2020 Bainbridge; the fascinating history of the Christian Street YMCA; how Madison Square and St. Albans Place became garden blocks; the South of South Walkability Plan; the past and present demographics of our area? Read this book! “Evergreens” is lush with photos, historic and contemporary maps, and charts. It is worth the price just for the 1935 photo of the convergence of 23rd, South, and Grays Ferry in which the horse watering basin (now the fountain) sits forlornly in the middle of the streets.

I bought this fascinating book for just $20 at Neighborhood Books, our new bookstore at 1906 South Street. “Evergreens” is displayed on a table at the front of the store, but the store itself is a great place to browse.
 You can find out more about this book on the SOSNA web site: Announcing Evergreens: A Neighborhood History.

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